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October 9-11, 2019

Hilton Chicago

Conference: October 9-11, 2019
Exhibit Hall: October 10-11, 2019

Rick Kauffman

Save 185K LLC, The Kels Group/The Drowning Warriors Podcast


Richard Kauffman is the founder of Save 185K LLC The Kels Group aka The Drowning Warriors Podcast and Kels Marketing with over 30 years’ experience in business and marketing along with 26 years of personal real-life experience in regard to water safety and drowning prevention.

Richard has had personal conversations with aquatic professionals and leaders from around the world. Those on the front lines of water safety and drowning prevention. After speaking with many of these leaders and over 30 years in business experience he recognized some of the problems that face water safety and drowning prevention. He developed a leading water safety and drowning prevention podcast that goes out to over 100,000 aquatic professionals across the globe. Richard has interviewed over 1,000 aquatic professional and families that have lost a loved one due to drowning and non-fatal drowning who share their story to give a voice to those who no longer have a voice.

Richard’s mission is to save 185,000 lives from drowning each year worldwide and over 1 million lives from nonfatal drowning by June 15, 2029. His message and story has been recognized all over the globe as he speaks directly to the problem and looks at the solutions to provide the outcome that those on the frontlines desire.

Richard has built very successful businesses in the sports and recreation industry as well as several internet businesses. He currently runs and operates a successful social media marketing company that caters to the aquatics industry, Kels Marketing.

Richard attended The Ohio State University and studied business and marketing in 1980 and following his period at Ohio State and playing soccer he then went to Columbia South American and furthered his interest in soccer as he played 2 years of professional soccer in Cali Columbia 1981 & 82 before returning to the United States where he then entered the U.S. Air Force in the fall of 1982.